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Good Proposal Strategies Help Promote Social Advocacy

On March 26, just as the 14th World Autism Day was approaching, a seminar on policy proposal focusing on the mentally handicapped group was opened in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The event was hosted by CANGO and Aimier-Changsha. Mr. Zhong Tao, the chairman of Chengdu Angel Heart Social Work Service Center, as a guest was invited to share with local deputies to People’s Congress and the CPPCC and discuss with the committee members, heads of some disability service agencies, parent representatives, and self-advocates of young people on policy proposal around the whole-life service for the mentally handicapped group.
Through the exchanges in this seminar, deputies to the Wuhan Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC members learned about the needs and difficulties of the mentally handicapped groups throughout the life cycle, service agencies learned advanced practices in service areas at different stages, and parent organizations learned how to use policy proposals to better carry out social advocacy. It also creates opportunities for all parties to coordinate and carry out related cooperation. Next, representatives from all parties will also form a proposal outline for the ideas and suggestions in this seminar. A bright future for people with mental disabilities can be expected!
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