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Capacity Building Training on Policy Advocacy for CSOs in Jiangxi

From August 22th to 23th, Capacity Building Training on Policy Advocacy for CSOs hosted by CANGO and Aimier-Changsha was held in Nanchang. More than 30 CSO staffs in Jiangxi province participated in the training.

Four experts were invited for this training, they are Tang Bin from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Zhou Chunyi, founder of Nanchang Xinhang Social Work Office, Luo Wenping, secretary General of Jiangxi Provincial Social Work Association, and Du Xingqiang, project director of Nanchang Youth Development Foundation.

The four trainers shared their experiences and expertise in GPPS(Government’s Purchase Public Service) policies, GPPS bidding requirements and  skills, GPPS project design and operation, etc.
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