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Capacity Building Training on Policy Advocacy for CSOs

From August 13th to 14th, Capacity Building Training on Policy Advocacy for CSOs hosted by CANGO and Aimier-Changsha was held in Changsha. 32 CSO staffs in Hunan province participated in the training.

On August 13, Trainer Li Qiang from Mango V Fundation shared the logic and strategy of fundraising, which requires precise social needs, recipients and budgets. Teacher Li also shared the Manual of National Financial Support for Social Organizations Participating in Social Service Projects and the trainees conducted a road show on government procurement project in groups.

On August 14th, Trainer Shuying Zhao from Hunan Disabled Persons' Federation shared on policy advocacy. She said that policy advocacy is a skill and mission that social organizations must do and learn. Social organizations need support from the government, and they also need to develop their own capabilities to participate in relevant policy advocacy. She shared the policies, procedures and types of government procurement services. Teacher Zhao emphasized that policy advocacy is not just about coming up with questions, but a series of processes including analysis, confirmation of problem, goal setting, strategy, and tool.
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