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Dialogue Between CSO-LA to Boost Employment for Disabled Persons

On August 12th, Hunan Disabled Persons' Federation, CANGO and Aimier-Changsha hosted a conference on Pilot Policy of Hunan Disabled Persons' Assistance (Supportive) Employment  and social organization promotion, inviting leaders from 16 social organizations across the province and officers from Hunan Disabled Persons’ Federation to conduct dialogue on the pilot work of the policy to better support and promote the employment of the disabled in Hunan Province.

Zhang Yingying from Aimier reported the positive results of the pilot work. The leaders from three organizations shared successful cases of employment support for the disabled.

The sixteen organizations explained the difficulties encountered in the pilot work in 2019, and expressed that they are looking forward to receiving more support this year. Officials of the Hunan Disabled Persons' Federation gave positive comments on the achievements of these organizations in 2019 and explained in detail the policy for 2020 and the implementation rules.
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