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2019 Best Climate Communications Cases Workshop and 2019 China Civil Climate Action Network (CCAN) Annual Meeting were held

On July 23-24, 2019 Best Climate Communications Cases Workshop and 2019 China Civil Climate Action Network (CCAN) Annual Meeting hosted by the CANGO and supported by China Dialogue were held online.
In the morning of July 23 and 24, representatives of 32 institutions including CCAN members, funders and observers participated meeting. Wang Xiangyi, Vice Chairwoman and Executive Director of CANGO delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers. Ma Tianjie, Director of China Dialogue Beijing office, delivered a welcome speech. The meeting reviewed CCAN’s work in 2019 and the outlook for the 2020 work plan, and conveyed the issues related to the re-election of the CCAN Board. The meeting also invited Dr. Zhu Zhengguang from the National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to share the implementation status, long-term goals and action goals of the Global Convention on Biological Diversity after 2020. Chen Yongsong, the Director of Lijiang Green Education Center, introduced the benefit-sharing (ABS) mechanism that promotes the three goals of the Convention on "Biodiversity Conservation: Access and Benefit Sharing"; Tan Liya, the Director of Ecological and Climate Project in Green Anhui, also shared her views. Yang Guang, the Director from Sina Weigongyi carried out relevant training on the communication skills, introduced topics related to the Sina Weigongyi platform, including linkage operation, case review, content planning, etc.. He also proposed that CCAN members could make better use of the platform to expand cooperation channels.
In the afternoon of July 24, 2019 Best Climate Communications Cases Workshop  was held. During this session, Wang Xiangyi, Vice Chairwoman and Executive Director of the CANGO announced the best cases selected by a jury consists of three experts. Jia Feng, Director of the Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He expressed high expectations for Chinese NGOs’ work on climate communications and the momentum to turn low-carbon lifestyle into practise;. Wu Yixiu, who leads the strategic climate communications team at China Dialogue, made an overview of climate communications and reporting in 2019. Zeng Fanxu, Association Professor at Tsinghua University shared his thoughts on excellent climate reporting and suggested that climate communications should be integrated into a broader social perspective. During the panel discussion, several communication professionals from NGOs and senior climate reporters shared their experience.
The experts selected following Best Cases of Climate Communications in 2019:
Best news reporting on climate change:
-   Zhang Zizhu, Huang Yanhao, "Madrid Climate Conference: Disappointing, Talking About Next Year", Caixin Weekly
Best explanatory reporting on climate change:
-  Peng Qinqin, Du Caicai, "Creating the Carbon Market", Caixin Weekly
-  Wang Jiaxing, "When the Earth is Having a Fever", China Youth Daily
Outstanding explanatory reporting on climate change:
- Xia Zhijian, "The Wildfire in Muli was not an Accident" , The Intellectuals
Best innovative reporting on climate change
- Zhang Yongning, "Five Hundred Years of Droughts and Floods in China", China Weather
Best NGO climate communications project
- Greenovation Hub (GHub), "Climate Action, Start with Recording"
Outstanding NGO climate communications project
- CANGO & Greenpeace, "The Right Approach to Save the Earth"
Special contribution to climate communications
-Jia Feng, "B Mode, Act to Save Civilization", World Environment Magazine
Summary: Participants all expressed that the annual meeting can bring together many individual organizations to spark great ideas, which is very useful for reaching consensus on actions and plans. Everyone should communicate more, understand the dynamics of international partners and strengthen exchanges among members.
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