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Research on Innovation and Development Mechanisms of Science and Technology Associations

In 2010 CANGO carried out a sub-project of the "Study on the Innovation and Development Mechanism of Scientific Social Organizations", under the Fund for Innovative Approaches assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology. With strong support from the State Administration on Social Organizations and the Department of Society & Science Management of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, the research team of CANGO visited Nanjing, Wuxi and Taizhou of Jiangsu Province. Small workshops and interviews were held to carry out an in-depth survey on Scientific Social Organizations both at the municipal and provincial level. Nearly 40 Scientific social Organizations participated in the workshop and seven Scientific Social Organizations participated in the in-depth interviews. In addition, with assistance of the local Associations for Science and Technology, CANGO distributed 50 questionnaires to the Boards of Directors, the Secretariats and Members. After careful consultation on the returned questionnaires to find out that only 19 returned questionnaires were valid, with the return rate at 38%. After careful analysis of the data, the research team finally compiled five reports; the "Analysis Report on the Data of the Scientific Social Organizations’ Development", "Analysis Report of Questionnaires of Local Scientific Social Organizations", "Report on Jiangsu Provincial Scientific Social Organizations’ Innovation and Development", "Report on Wuxi Municipal Scientific Social Organizations’ Innovation and Development" and "Taizhou Municipal Scientific Social Organizations’ Innovation Development".
From September 2009 to March 2010, the research team made nationwide collected of the outstanding papers of research on working experience, success stories and development strategies of Scientific Social Organizations’ Innovation and Development. 44 papers were received for evaluation, of which 11 papers were from the Science and Technology organizations, 13 both from local and national Associations of Science and Technology, and 13 from higher education and research institutions as well as 7 from other organizations. On April 1st 2010, the meeting was held in Beijing for Appraising Best Research Papers on the Innovation and Development Mechanism of Scientific Social Organizations.
The evaluation experts scored based on academic value, policy value, shining points of policy recommendations, creativity, operational recommendations and the rationality of article structures, accuracy of illustration and preciseness. The ranking was made according to the average scores gave by the experts with the results produced as follows: absent for First Prize, three Second Prizes, four Third Prizes and eight Best papers.
On September 10th 2010, the Project Acceptance Meeting, hosted by the Administrative Center for China's Agenda 21, was held in Beijing. As the chief head responsible for the Project, Mr. Huang Haoming, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of CANGO, made a thorough report on the research methodologies, results, problems and policy recommendations, which attained common appreciations from the experts at the meeting. The project was passed successfully.
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