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Study on strategy and Routes of China's Social Organization Internationalization

In early 2013, the Ministry of Civil Affairs released” The Guideline of Ministerial Theory Research Project on Construction and Management of China Social Organization in 2013”. There are 785 research projects which were applied, 86 of them were approved. 84 research reports had been submit by October 2013. Five papers were awarded first Prize by the review commission, ten Second Prizes, twenty Third Prizes and twenty Best papers. The research report of “Study on Strategy and Routes of China’s Social Organization Internationalization” by CANGO won First Prize.
The research team mainly conducted reference collection, empirical investigation, questionnaire survey, group discussion and individual interview to collect primary and secondary research materials, as well as analysis and comparison, Theoretical analysis and induction, SWOT analysis and other methods to study the external and internal environment, major challenge, path choice, cooperation model and priority of China’s  Social Organization, the paper also presents relevant policy suggestions on Strategy and Routes of China’s Social Organization. Team leader: Mr. Huang Haoming; other members: Shi Zhongcheng, Zhang Manli, Wang Xiangyi, Yang Hongping, Tao Qiran, Yang Guang, Liu Yintuo and Xue Ming.
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