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Green Xinjiang paid a visit to CANGO

On August 25, delegates from Green Xinjiang paid a visit to CANGO. Executive Director Ms Yang Shuhui, Board Member Mr Chang Cheng had an exchange with the Executive Director of CANGO Mr Zhao Daxing and representatives from Project Management Department on topic of “Belt and Road on Ecological Civilization Construction”, and feasibility of related project cooperation.
During the meeting, Mr Zhao Daxing kindly introduced the development history, business areas and international exchange achievements of CANGO. Through the vivid cases, positive impact of projects brought to China’s border areas including Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was demonstrated. Then he emphasized that, “Xinjiang has been regarded as one of the most important project implementing areas by CANGO over the past two decades, and a series of assistance projects of promoting poverty alleviation and women’s development have been carried out in Xinjiang. Due to its particular geographical location, since now it is just on the core zone of Belt and Road, Xinjiang is going to play a more and more crucial role." "Except for taking targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty, cultural construction weighs a lot as well. CANGO should use its advantages, respond to the call of Belt and Road construction, and actively provide network platforms for potential social organizations and strengthen project cooperation."

Ms Yang Shuhui gave a brief introduction of Green Xinjiang such as working fields, organizational structure and source of funds, etc. Green Xinjiang is a philanthropic social organization founded in 2015, which has a mission to promote public awareness of the friendly environment and take appropriate action. Its current work mainly focuses on: working with the local forestry department to conduct environmental education for adolescents/primary and secondary school students; providing water resources and wetland protection through capacity-building at communities and encouraging community participation; providing industry services with research projects on ecological culture of Belt and Road core zone. She said: "There are many common views between CANGO and Green Xinjiang on ecological environment, community governance and development, public advocacy and research, etc. We hope the cooperation and exchanges will be enhanced in common concern with CANGO in the future.

Then, with the advantages and resources of two sides, a discussion on project feasibility was conducted. (Project Management Department)

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