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CANGO Representatives Attended 2017 C20 in Hamburg, Germany

2017 C20, with the theme “The World We Want”, was held in Hamburg, Germany, on 18th-19th June. Two German NGOs - Association of German Development and Humanitarian Aid NGOs and German NGO Forum on Environment and Development co-hosted the event. 450 representatives of civil society, representing more than 200 organizations from over 60 countries, met to discuss their concerns during the 2-day event which contained 2 plenary meetings, 25 parallel workshops and a panel discussion with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This year’s agenda covered main issues that global civil society paid close attention to, including sustainable development, G20 agenda and policy advocacy, women's economic empowerment, water and sanitation, rufugee integration, carbon pricing and fossil fuel subsidy reform, health, social protection and financial responsibility, 2016 C20 experiences, climate and energy, environmental protection, digitalization, C20 multiyear strategy and G20-compact with Africa.

On 18th June, CANGO co-organized "China's Climate and Infrastructure Policies and Environmental and Social Justice" workshop with Stiftung Asienhaus and Climate Action Network Europe. The workshop focused on the cooperation between Chinese and European NGOs in fields relevant to G20 advocacy and experiences with 2016 C20 in China. Mr. LIU Kaiyang, Deputy Secretary-General of China NGO Network for International Exchanges, 2016 C20 co-host, summed up the experience of 2016 C20 from the perspective of the organizer, also proposed the C20 mechanism strategy. Ms. WANG Xiangyi, CANGO’s Director of International Department, introduced the C20 policy advocacy that CSOs Engaging Global Initiatives Network (CEGIN) has been promoting since 2015 and 2 major outputs of this network - "Civil Society Engaing G20 Handbook" and "Review of 2017 C20 Policy Briefs". CEGIN is a newly established network which set policy advocacy for 2016 C20 as its first endeavor. To get fully prepared for this mission, CEGIN held several capacity building workshops and supported network members to participate in 2015 C20. Following this, CEGIN started working closely with the Document Drafting Group of 2016 C20 Preparatory Committee and CEGIN’s 6 working groups delivered policy recommendations covering a wide thematic spectrum to the 2016 C20 Secretariat. CEGIN reiterated these recommendations during 2 consultation meetings and 2016 C20 summit discussions. In the end, 13 recommendations were adopted by 2016 C20 Communiqué.

On 19th June, the C20 Steering Committee handed 2017 C20 Communiqué over to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In the following panel discussion with representatives of international civil society, Merkel said that civil society had made valuable policy recommendations for poverty eradication, women's employment, environmental protection, health, etc. German government would like to listen to people’s voice and actively implement the recommendations of civil society. But she also said that she may not be able to meet all the needs and expectations.

2017 C20 is of great importance to CANGO. CANGO formally introduced CEGIN to C20 participants this year to make global civil society be aware of this emerging advocacy network in China. At the same time, CANGO interacted with a variety of civil society organizations in different fields to seek further cooperation on policy advocacy. CANGO will follow up the policy advocacy for 2018 C20 in Argentina and support the continued efforts of CEGIN at C20. CANGO also looks forward to having more Chinese civil society organizations join the international advocacy work to enhance the participation and influence of China civil society on global advocacy platforms.

(Ms. WANG Xiangyi of CANGO Spoke at “China's Climate and Infrastructure Policies
and Environmental and Social Justice” Workshop)
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