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On 21th June, the China’s NGO going global meeting was held successfully in Beijing. Yu Yonglong, director of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Huang Haoming, Chairman of CANGO,Ma Qingyu, professor of Chinese Academy of Governance, Bai Xiaofeng, deputy secretary-general of China-Africa Bussiness Council, Wang Xiaoping and Shao Dan from Beijing Forestry Society, Chen Bin and Tian Geng from ILDCPC, professor Zhang Xingming from Jiangnan University, Zhang Lei from China Women’s Development Foundation, Qian Xiaofeng and He Dan from Save the Children, and other guests attended the meeting.
The meeting aims to discuss the opportunity of participation in international affairs by Chinese NGOs. Through the study of NGOs practice cases, we can promote NGO related research and activities. This meeting is part of a research project which is funded by Save the Children. It took a year for the project to have the discussion with professionals, consult and governer.
Attendees appreciated the work done by CANGO and gave suggestion based on their own situations. All the members expressed their opinions actively and shared their experiences. They indicated that they were full of confidence and looked forward to more in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

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