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The Fifth East Asia Forum on Climate Change Held in Kyoto, Japan

On September 23rd to 25th, the Fifth East Asia Forum on Climate Change held in Kyoto, Japan, total 76 representatives of NGOs, universities, enterprises and media from China, Japan and Korea participated in the forum. All participants shared three countries climate change policies and actions focus on implementation of Paris Agreement, and discussed joint actions on climate change of three countries NGOs.

The forum contents including field trip, plenary forum and strategy meeting. During field trip, all participants visited Wood Keihoku solar electricity sites in Miyama-cho, Kyoto and Tiangeshe, which is an environmental education base with tour, food and accommodation. The plenary forum including opening ceremony and thematic presentation session, Ms. Li Li, Director of Beijing Envirofriends, Board member of China Civil Climate Action Network (CCAN) as the Chinese coordinator of East Asia Forum on Climate Change gave welcome remarks. Thematic presentation topics including The Region of East Asia’s Role in Implementing Paris Agreement, Low-carbon Practices in East Asia and Reduce Fossil Fuels and Increase Renewable Energy Use. Speakers from China, Japan and Korea introduced their own country’s climate change policies and low carbon practice cases respectively. Ms. Wang Xiangyi, Chief of International Department of CANGO, as the Chinese speaker of the first topic, introduced key issues of Paris Agreement and China’s domestic action and international cooperation for implementation of Paris Agreement, and provided suggestions for three countries joint actions. Ms. Kang Xue, Vice Chairman of Friends of Nature, shared a case of Low Carbon Household Lab, Mr. Lin Jiaqiao, Deputy Director of Rock Environment and Energy Institute, gave a presentation on Healthy & Just Transition of China’s Energy System. In addition, Mr. Sanjay Vashist, Coordinator of Climate Action Network (CAN) South Asia, introduced climate change impact to the region of South Asia, and the work experience of CAN South Asia. An interactive discussion between participants and speakers followed the presentations. Finally, Ms. Mie Asaoka, President of Kiko Network made the conclusion remarks.

The topic of strategy meeting of East Asia Forum on Climate Change is joint action on climate change of three countries NGOs. Ms. Kimiko Hirata, Chair of CAN Japan, act as the moderator. Representatives from China, Japan and Korea introduced their proposal respectively and followed discussion after each proposal. Mr. Zhang Di, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Envirofriends introduced proposal from China, the topic is “climate change education”, suggest sharing existing climate change education teaching materials from three countries, develop teaching tools and methods according to each countries’ conditions, teachers training will be held using the teaching materials in pilot schools and feedback from teachers will be collected so as to improvement of teaching materials and tools. Mr. kimjongpil from Gwangju Environmental Movement Alliance introduced proposal from Korea, topic is “beyond coal”, suggest three countries together to write a report on reducing coal and increase renewable energy use. Ms. TakakoMomoi from Kiko Network introduced proposal from Japan, Kiko Network has a website map of newly built coal-fired power plants, they hope this map can be extended to East Asia. Finally, all participants made consensus on two joint projects, which are “climate change education” and “beyond coal”.

The sixth East Asia Forum on Climate Change will be held in 2018 in China, the outcome of above two joint projects will be issued during the forum.

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