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Workshop of the European Volunteer Service Silk Road Project in Lorca, Spain

From September 18-24, 2012, anexperience sharing workshop of European Volunteer Service Silk Road Project was held in Lorca, Spain, sponsored by CazallaInterculturalis, a local NGO located in Lorca. There were total 17 representatives from Spain, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines who joined the workshop. For CANGO as the project partner in China, Ms. Wang Xiangyi and Ms. Xu Shanshanwere invited to participate in the workshop.
The workshop adopted a participatory method, including group discussions and plenary sharing. The workshop content included three sessions: project evaluation, panel discussion and external exchange. During the project evaluation session, each partner organization shared their project activities and achievements, such as job shadowing and volunteer exchange.During the panel discussion, all participants were divided into three groups to have discussions on project website development, project handbooks and project training.During the external exchange session, Cazalla invited all participants to engage in experience exchange with a Councilor from Lorca municipal government about the European Volunteer Service Silk Road project.The Councilor gave recognition to the project and expressed that Lorca municipal government will continue to pay attention and support this project. In addition, all participants also had adiscussion on the project follow-up fundraising as well as further cooperation between Europe and Asia. 
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