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Multi Local Women’s Partnership Against Poverty

From July 17th to 22nd 2012, a series of activities have been carried out by CANGO in Beijing and areas nearby, under the project of “Multi Local Women’s Partnership against Poverty” funded by the European Union.
The programme started with a 3-day training focusing on “ICT tools for running and maintaining the Project web platform-East West Women against Poverty”, during which experience on website building and networking from 30 participants of China, Italy, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia was shared.
Guests from abroad were also organized to visit two local NGOs, the Beijing Rural Women Development School and the Maple Women’s Psychological Counseling Center.
On July 21, during the thematic conference of “Increasing Women’s Inclusion through Employment and Entrepreneurship”, 72 participants from domestic and international organizations, governments and media exchanged views and experiences on the development of women and vulnerable groups.
Afterwards, part of the representatives was invited to visit Dacheng village in Hebei province, a typical less-developed rural area in China. 
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